Faceit provides a platform for competitive multiplayer video games in the world; it was founded in 2012, London. There are many competitors that the organization of multiplayer games, people just have to be a subscriber at faceit. Then they can take part in any of their favorite games competition. Many people are concerned about what faceit price they have to pay and what else do they get by becoming a subscriber. It is for sure that there is going to be no doubts left after reading this article.

Price Of Faceit Subscription

Becoming a subscriber is a requirement in faceit to play the competitive game, and you have to pay a subscription fee monthly, annually, or you may even find a lifetime subscription. The price depends. I’m where you live; the faceit subscription fees are decided based on demand and people’s ability to pay in a particular area. The normal cast is around eleven euros, which also includes taxes for one month. After paying the price for subscription fees, you become eligible to take part in the games, leagues and also get some other extra benefits worth paying the price for it.

What Do You Get?

Before becoming a subscriber, you surely want to know what do you get if you pay a particular party some amount. In faceit after becoming a subscriber by paying the faceit price, you get many things such as,

  • Eligible to play all the games.
  • Eligibility to play all leagues and ladders.
  • Eligibility to choose the preferred location of your choice to play the leagues and ladders.
  • Access to all the tournaments in which only subscribers can take part.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Badges for your profile.
  • Experience everything without a single ad.
  • Opportunities to gain faceit points through missions.
  • Premium customer support for subscribers.

There are so many things that you get just by paying a little value for this. Well, now you know how this is worth buying a subscription.

There is no way one can leave this offer when they are getting all of these things at a reasonable price. After becoming a subscriber, you get the opportunity to face the best of the best and also win big for yourself and create fame for yourself. There is a total worth of your money if you buy their subscription and take part in every leagues and ladder.