Counter-Strike GO is one of the most competitive adventure games in the gaming industry at present. It also implies that players are scuffling against each other, fighting to up their profile ranks daily. There are some of the boosting services that strive to forward these rank levels in a very legitimate way, thereby reducing their hard work and timely frustration. Ranks range from either playing with the servers or raging against the globals in the milieu of competitive matchmaking. This is where the Novas sit among middle-level ranks being more than just average with this rank of gn1 CS2.

If you are playing CS2, two things are certain:

  1. Game levels get tougher with the more you rank up.
  2. The elite gaming happens after you reach the Grand Novas, which implies it is high time that you should get better at your combat skills.

Earning rank stripe in CS2 is one of the most important parts of engaging in the gameplay because it is the level that extends from 0 to 40. It determines whether you are a noob or an elite, depending on the rewarding system that provides skin drops and esteemed medals for the player as he ranks higher. The competitive matchmaking gets unlocked after the player strikes level two, where the world’s elites are found. Ten competitive matches are to be won to featured with ranks.

Ranking System

CS2 accommodates a very specialized player hierarchy with each valve rankings, which comprise eight in number. Each rank is classified into a particular category in which all players of that same rank in question exhibit the same behavior, with some obvious exceptions. There are player ranks accustomed to the economic system which doesn’t require team communication in the first place.

The beginning level is Silver, which entails almost no strategy while playing the game. But there are alternate players of higher category mixed to this level of competitive matchmaking who creates many problems.

The very next comes the Nova ranks in which gn1 CS2 must be talked about. Players with all aim and less brain consist of the Novas, but quality gets the front seat with required dedication and skill in the category of Grand Nova.

Prime, being one important ranking feature in competitive playing that has been added to CS2, which can up the rank of a normal silver to a Grand Nova 1, which means topping the league of its own. But it must be mentioned if you rank on GN1 today, there is a mountain ahead of you to climb in this tight and competitive game.