CS 2 ( counter strike go offensive ) is a multiplayer game that is played in the first person. The game is so much popular and if you have a high rank, you are treated as a celebrity in the community. So what’s the rank system, what it takes to reach the highest rank? Their many questions that come in mind while we think of this, but here we are going to explain everything about how one can reach the highest and become the CS 2 supreme and many other things here in this article.

What Are The Ranks In CS 2?

Counter strike go has so many ranks; the lowest rank one can achieve is the silver 1, and the highest ranks that someone can reach to is the global elite. The ranks are as follow,

  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Silver4
  • Silver elite
  • Silver elite master
  • Gold nova 1
  • Gold nova 2
  • Gold nova 3
  • Gold nova master
  • Master Guardian 1
  • Master guardian 2
  • Master guardian elite
  • Distinguished master guardian
  • Legendary eagle
  • Legendary eagle master
  • Supreme master first class
  • The global elite.

Reaching the highest tier means that you are the best in the community or one of the best in the community. You earn so much fame as a CS 2 supreme player and get to be a celebrity between many players. So how you can achieve might be still bothering you.

Tips To Reach The Highest Tier

Becoming a global elite or the CS 2 supreme takes a lot of work, strategy, and things to be prepared. For a higher rank, you need to focus on becoming the best, becoming skilled, and focused on the aim of achieving the title of the supreme. Things that are important in becoming the best are the kills that you take, survival, and teamwork.

Practice day and night work on skills and strategies to maintain a high kill death ratio; this will help you get the best out of everything and will contribute a lot to rank you higher.

Survival strategies are important; the best way to rank up is to win every game with a good kill counts because the winner gets everything. The most important things are that you have a team that can be the best, acts like one follows their team, and always have each other back. If you just focus on these things, surely you are going to find your way to becoming one of the best in the world.