Counterstrike is a game that requires a lot of action, and this is the reason why a computer with high performance becomes a necessity. Whether one is playing for fun or competition, the game should perform well in every case. Learning the gameplay may not be the only thing to take care of, one should also choose to optimize the game so that everything works just fine and give the needed CS 2 boost that makes it more fun to play. One of the major factors that affect the quality of the game is the frames per second.

What are the frames per second?

Frames per second are the main factor that makes the game more responsive and snappy when the mouse moves and when the game is played. Having high and optimized FPS makes aiming, running, and moving much easier in the game. Stuttering, freezing, and lagging of the scene and the speed while doing any type of activity in the game means the FPS is lowering rapidly. There are various ways one can increase the FPS and make the hardware perform well while running the game.

Access the FPS

Forts thing that one needs to take into consideration is the current frames per second. This will tell how low it is and how much it can be optimized. One can use several software or tools to find the current FPS. One can upload a map, and see it getting run with the current FPS displayed on the screen. Also, one can check the overall highest, lowest, and average FPS.

Increasing the FPS

Some of the ways one can increase CS 2 boost and the FPS and are:

  1. Reset the settings: while playing CS2, the chances are that many depreciated config commands are hindering the FPS. So it is important to put all the settings in the default to remove all the unnecessary optimization configurations.
  2. Full-screen optimization: this step is highly effective in increasing game performance. As the counter strike is played in full screen, it is important to keep the screen setting optimized at all times.
  3. Clean temp files: every computer gets hogged by temporary files. Cleaning the temp folder will empty a lot of space, which will help in optimizing the computer performance and hence the game’s as well.
  4. Empty steam web cache: while playing counterstrike, one might visit websites again and again. This can lead to the cluttering of cache files, which can affect the overall performance. It is better to empty those cache files to get better FPS.
  5. Game mode and game bar: the game bar should be disabled, and the game mode of the windows should be enabled. Disabling the game bar will free up some space, and enabling the game mode will not affect the FPS.
  6. Check background apps: one of the major problems that make the game run slow is the background apps. Therefore make sure to close the background apps to avoid the stuttering of the game.