• Secrets to Kids Eat Free

    There are many restaurants that provide free meals for kids. When you go on trips, you can check out if there are any places having an offer of providing free meals to kids. There are also many websites that provide ‘Eat free’ cards for kids. These cards act like coupons in a few restaurants. While there are many diners and eating joints that have the policy of free food for kids, and also have a list of items that are free on the menu for kids, these eat free cards are still handy.

    How eat free card works

    You have to purchase these cards. They work on restaurants that are on the list of the card issuer. So, on a given day, if any restaurant does not provide the offer of free meals for kids, you can use these cards to get an ‘eat free’ meal for your kids. On the list there could also be luxurious restaurants as well. Right from fast food chains, steak houses to a variety of eating joints, many restaurants are participating to offer a free meal for kids when you flash this card.

    Dine on festivals

    If you want to treat your kids to the best of festive meals in swish restaurants, then you can check the list of places in your local area which provide an ‘eat free’ meal for kids. You don’t have to spend a single penny and you can still make your kids very happy by treating them to the best of delicacies from these places. Whether it is Halloween or Thanksgiving, if you plan a meal out on any of these holidays, then you can choose eat free restaurants for kids.

    Schools have eat free canteens

    Most of the schools and colleges have canteens that do not charge for snacks and meals for their students. Most of the eateries too are adopting the same policy. While a few have a fixed menu for eat free items, the others give discounts. A few diners also assign a day or two to offer eat free service for kids. The menu at the schools is usually nutritious and keen about keeping up the good health of their students.

    Most of these diners offer items such as burgers, pizzas, waffles, garlic bread, pasta, nachos, enchiladas, sausages, tacos and many items that most of the kids love to eat when they are dining out.

  • What’s free and Fun for the whole family to do?

    The best way a family can bond together is by having fun activities together. You can take a trip to see the wildlife, go on mountain tripping, or do fun activities together at home; the options and ideas are umpteen. There are activities like having potluck together, or playing in a tree house, and many more activities that one can think of doing at home.

    Adventure in the nature

    If you have ever seen the funny movie, RV of Robin Williams, you can see that no matter what, a family can bond together when they are all out, trailing and camping. With adventurous spirit in your heart, you can teach a thing or two to your children when you take a ride on the wilder side. Most of these activities are also directed towards coping up with survival instincts. Whether you are beach hiking or mountain trailing, when you do it with your family, those are the memories you create for your children for the keeps. You don’t have to spend a single penny when you take the road trip, and you don’t have to stay in a hotel when you are camping in nature.

    Build your own outdoor crib

    There have been many outdoor options where people have made DIY cabins that could be dismantled and assembled anywhere. So, if you are able to make such as cabin, you can place it on the beach, on any hiking point, without spending even on luxurious accommodation. When you build this along with family, you will be teaching them about teamwork, and also they will learn new skills while bonding well together.

    Indoor games

    There are many indoor games such as monopoly, Pictionary, cards, and many other board games that the family can play together. You can also play games together on the Xbox if going digital is your thing.

    Catching up

    There’s nothing better than catching up and having a good laugh over funny movies and loads of popcorn. You could have your favorite list of movies, plays & shows from which you can pick and watch together. Also, a good old sports match on the television and watching a rerun of it together can bring the house down with zeal and bonding. There are a lot of fun activities that a family can do together without having to spend a dime. These are the best memories of life that you can create for yourself and your family.